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San Antonio Teacher Karl Nicholas Arrested for Slapping 9-Year-Old Girl

Third grade teacher Karl Nicholas was arrested this week for slapping a 9-year-old girl.

Nicholas, 63, was charged with a third degree felony of knowingly causing injury to a child. He was placed on leave from Stewart Elementary School pending a criminal investigation of the incident, which took place Monday at 1:45p.m. Nicholas has apparently admitted to slapping the disruptive 9-year-old. Statements from the school claim he had called the office on Monday to have the “disorderly” child removed from his classroom after she allegedly assaulted him.

The girl says she was having a verbal argument with another student, when Nicholas approached the two girls. She claims she dropped a pencil and accidentally hit Nicholas’ hand as she reached down for it. Nicholas then slapped her in the face and grabbed her arm.

He removed her from the class and met a counselor in the hall. He asked the counselor to take the “unruly” child to the office.

The girl’s mother brought the matter to the attention of authorities.

School district spokeswoman Leslie Price said that Nicholas was immediately removed from the classroom after the accusation was made.

Nicholas, who was released Friday morning, posted $10,000 bail. He is facing serious criminal charges. A third-degree felony convicted could result in two to 10 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.

Sources: Inquistr, ABC Local


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