Man Who Didn't Hear Police Identify Themselves And Shot At Them Learns His Fate


A San Antonio jury found a man who shot and wounded a police officer during a raid not guilty on four counts of aggravated assault Tuesday.

Adrian Perryman, 52, was accused of shooting at a SAPD Tactical Response Unit who entered him home early on the morning in October 2010. Perryman claimed that he did not know they were police and thought that it was a home invasion, so he shot and wounded an officer, according to

But police claimed that they announced their entrance and said they had a search warrant when they broke down the door. Last week, several officers testified for the prosecution, saying that they made their identities clear.

“I find it hard to believe that you would think (police) would go as far as to risk their lives – have no regard for themselves – by saying they didn’t say a thing,” prosecutor Steve Spier told the jury.

Rebecca Flores, Perryman’s former girlfriend, said she tossed Perryman a gun when they heard the police.

“The door goes down – he shoots,” said Tony Jimenez, Perryman’s attorney. “Was it in the direction of police? Did he know they were police?”

Perryman has said that he stopped shooting and put down his gun when he saw that there were police in his home. The jury deliberated for nine hours before reaching the verdict.

Source:,, Photo credit: San Antonio Express News


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