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San Antonio Man Survives After Semitrailer Falls On His Vehicle


A Texas man survived a traffic accident after a semitrailer rolled over and landed on his Toyota Tundra on July 21.

David Herndon, 61, of San Antonio, Texas, had stopped at a light, My San Antonio reported. As he was waiting for the light to change, a Chevrolet Tahoe swerved in front of a Lowe’s Home Improvement cargo truck. The semitrailer then swerved and rolled on its side.

“I think somebody ran a red light,” Herndon told My San Antonio.

Unfortunately for Herndon, the truck trailer landed right on top of his truck, which was then pushed backwards into two other cars.

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Despite the severity of the accident, Herndon says he pulled himself out of the truck.

The Lowe’s truck driver was not taken to a hospital though the driver of the Tahoe was treated for back injuries.

Of the incident, Herndon said, “Toyota makes a pretty good truck.”

Upon hearing of the story, several took to social media to voice their opinions and concerns.

“The Tahoe caused the wreck, not the Lowe’s truck,” wrote one user on Facebook. “I hope they ticket the Tahoe driver. People don’t respect rig drivers at all.”

“I know a couple of people who should go buy a lottery ticket!!” wrote another user. “So thankful Sean is ok! (sic)”

Source:, My San Antonio/Facebook

Photo credit: Screenshot via, John Davenport/San Antonio Express-News


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