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Samuel L. Jackson Will Stay In America After Trump Win

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Veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson isn't moving to South Africa, after all. 

Herald Live reports that Jackson threatened to move to South Africa if President-elect Donald Trump were to become president. Trump was, in fact, elected, and that led many on social media to insist that the Pulp Fiction star keep his word and leave the country. 

Times Live reports that Twitter users took to calling Jackson out for not leaving, and even got his name trending in South Africa in the hours following Trump’s victory.   

Jackson has since responded: “Why y’all so anxious for me to leave?! I pay More Taxes than All U Trumpafu**** . . . Him too!!”

Racial tensions have been boiling over since Trump’s Nov. 8 victory, with thousands of people protesting in marches across the country.  Many celebrities have threatened to leave in the wake of Trump’s victory, but it looks like Jackson won’t be one who follows through on his promise. 

Sources: Herald Live, Times Live / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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