Sample Resume Template


Resumes will never get you a job, but they’ll always put you in a position to get a job. If you’re a people’s person eager to get in front of your prospective employers and charm them to no end, realize that the only way to accomplish that is by putting together a neat, well-designed resume. Here are some tips to make your resume stand out from the rest:

• Besides just plain old “My position and what I did there,” include some content that will show your new potential bosses that you have gone above and beyond the norm. eHow suggests you add a few things “that you did that you are particularly proud of doing, where you went above and beyond the expectations of the boss or the customer or where you left behind a legacy.” Just make sure the things you include are of use to your new prospective employers.

• Include a section at the bottom that tells about things you do in your spare time to shows a bit more about your character and interests, and how you might be able to utilize skills you’ve picked up outside of the office at your new job. Things like “awards, achievements and milestones relevant to your life,” as well as volunteering are good. Just make sure you keep your resume to one page.

• Write an intro to your resume at the top of the page describing your professional objectives. This is something that you can customize depending on which job you’re specifically applying for, and it looks great to employers. Be sure to remain truthful, but add things that apply to the particular position you’re shooting for so that whoever receives your resume knows you’re serious about your application, and that you haven’t just written a general, vague statement that could apply to any job.

• Don’t exaggerate your previous positions.

Check out these sample resumes for a better idea on how to craft yours:

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