Gay Marriage Close in New York, While Tennessee Discriminates

The state of New York is very close to ensuring gay men and women can have full marriage equality. Good for New York. But, unfortunately, the crusade against gay rights has not rested in its dying breath. In the state of Tennessee (also the state that a large number of people who want to ban all mosques), the city of Nashville enacted a law that stated to companies that wanted to do business with the city, that they cannot discriminate against gays and lesbians as employees.

Companies are free to discriminate all they want, but not if they want a city contract. Well, this being Tennessee, Republican Governor Bill Haslam signed a bill not allowing cities to do just that. First of all, this is local taxpayer dollars from the people of Nashville. If the people of Nashville want to only employ companies to do business with the city, that don't discriminate, that should be their right.

All too often I hear Republicans saying states should have local control (unless those Republicans want the federal government to override left-leaning states on such issues as medical marijuana), but they are quick to override their own local governments on certain social issues, and force those local governments to spend their own tax dollars in a certain way.

By the way, I noticed this Republican governor, Haslam, has a vaguely sounding Muslim name. Will they use that against the governor as they used Obama's name against him? Don't bet on it!

In Louisiana the state, in its infinite unwisdom, kept the current ban on gay and lesbian couples from adopting kids. I am sure 60 years ago, not only you couldn't marry as an interracial couple in that state, but also not adopt. These bans will go into the dubstin of history, of course, but not quite yet.

In Russia a gay pride parade was once again stopped from parading in Moscow. While the far right-wing doesn't seem to completely control the U.S., they seem to be do so in Russia. Nationalism (which dominates in Russia), religion (Russian Orthodox in their case) and authoritarianism continue to go hand in hand.

Back in the U.S., Republicans who commonly talk about how much they support the rights of states to discriminate against same sex couples from marrying, continue to want a U.S. constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage within all the states, even if such marriages have overwhelmingly support in the U.S. Indeed, support for this nationwide ban was supported by the majority of the Republican presidential candidates during their debate.

Oh, by the way, that Harold Camping guy who predicted last month the end of the earth, said that gays were to blame. Any apologies to gays and lesbians forthcoming?

Again, don't count on it.


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