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Gay Couple Places 2nd in Crate & Barrel’s "Ultimate Wedding" Contest

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Husbands-to-be Jonathan Howard and Gregory Jones took second prize in Crate & Barrel’s ‘Ultimate Wedding’ sweepstakes, the company announced today. Howard and Jones will be awarded with a $7500 Crate & Barrel gift card.

“This means a lot to so many people who are struggling with who they are; it sends a very positive message,” the couple said. “It really is a privilege to be recognized as the Second Place winners.”

Jones and Howard garnered over 20,000 votes from friends, family members and strangers, earning them the number two spot for most votes earned. Crate & Barrel reports that over 9,000 couples entered the sweepstakes in total.

“When all is said and done, the most amazing part of our participation in this contest has been the stories from people who were affected by our actions,” Jones says. “We never thought that entering this contest was so significant; we did not second-guess entering as a same-sex couple.  Yet, we have received messages from high school students who have yet to come out, but see our entry as courageous. We have received emails from mothers of LGBTQ youth who felt strength in our participation, realizing their children may be okay after all.”

GLAAD congratulates Gregory and Jonathan on their win and on their upcoming wedding!

It is stories like Greg and Jon’s that continue to promote understanding, increase acceptance and advance equality for LGBT people everywhere.


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