Anti-Gun Groups: Same Old Lies. Same Old Distortions. No Wonder They're Losing

The Freedom State Alliance and Josh Sugarmann's Violence Policy Center have one thing in common. They've both seen a fairly significant reduction on their funding and influence over the past decade, with the former being folded into the States United to Prevent Gun Violence and ceasing to exist as an independent entity. This is a continuation of the withering and consolidation that's been happening among gun control groups for the past decade. But no wonder they've seen such declining fortunes, when they are still peddling the same old lies and same old distortions they have been trying to dupe the American public with for the past two decades.

Let's start with the distortions about so-called "assault weapons." It was Josh Sugarmann himself that back in 1988 conceived this massive fraud on the Ameircan Public, realizing that the many people, ignorant of the difference between heavily regulated fully-automatic machine guns and commonly owned semi-automatic firearms, could be easily duped into supporting a ban on the latter believing they were the former. The fact that millions of Americans use these types of firearms for legitimate sporting purposes, and for the purpose of self-defense, is not a concern to these groups as long as it helps ban more guns. All one has to do is go to any Sportsman's Club running matches sanctioned by the Civilian Marksmanship Program, nod they will see first hand that many people are using so-called "assault weapons" for sporting competition around the country.

Perhaps even more offensive than labeling millions of commonly owned rifles and pistols as "assault weapons," is Sugarmann's strategy of labeling millions of gun owners as puppets of some nefarious and conspiratorial "gun lobby." The NRA represents four million American shooters and gun owners. People who care enough about preserving their Second Amendment rights to fork over a 35 dollar membership fee every year to remain in good standing. Polling has shown upwards of 33 million Americans think they are NRA members. No group advocating gun control can claim anywhere close to this level of support. Josh Sugarmann might want to pretend this is a small minority, brainwashed and duped by the gun industry, but it's simply not true. A recent poll shows that a full 70% of Americans believe the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to own a gun, with 44% reporting having a gun in their household. The right to keep and bear arms is a mainstream concern and not merely the province of cop killers, extremists and members of militia groups.

Without allies in the traditional media, able to parrot unchallenged the lies and distortions of radical gun ban advocacy groups, it's become increasingly more difficult for them to maintain credibility with the public. Social media, blogs, and forums are allowing the truth to be told, and the gig is up. More and more Americans are understanding that the right to keep and bear arms guaranteed by our Constitution is an important aspect of our freedoms and liberties. No wonder when it comes to facts and figures, the emperors of the gun ban movement are proving to indeed have no clothes.


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