Samantha Knight Gets $1,000 Gift For Giving Lost Cash To Wrong Man After He Returns Money (Video)


A Florida restaurant customer returned a wad of $100 bills he accepted from a waitress who thought she was giving the money to its rightful owner. That waitress is now getting rewarded with more than $1,000 for her selfless mistake.

Samantha Knight was working at the Laishley Crab House in Punta Gorda on Tuesday when she found a wad of $100 bills at one of her tables. As caught by a security camera, Knight quickly ran after a customer as he was walking out the door.

“I was like you left this is the booth. He said thanks, patted his pocket, took it and walked away,” Knight told WBBH.

When she realized she mixed up tables and handed the money to the wrong customer, it was too late. The mystery man had already made his way out with the money.

The man had paid his bill with cash and not a card, leaving no form of identity behind.

The man who actually dropped the money, Chuck Behm, was filmed leaving the restaurant just one minute prior and is now already back home in Chicago, Ill.

When the Laishley Crab House asked the public to help identify the mystery man, it was that man himself who saw the security footage and returned the money.

“This morning the guy came in and returned it to me,” Knight told the New York Daily News on Sunday. He’s from Delaware and came in from out of town. He had a wad of money in his pocket as well.”

The man told Knight the entire incident was a big misunderstanding and did not realize the money belonged to someone else until he saw himself on the news.

“He sounded very sincere,” she said. “he gave me another 100 dollars on top of that for my troubles.”

Behm previously said that if the money was returned, he would give all of it to Knight – and he did.

Knight is pregnant and is due to have her first child in April

Sources: New York Daily News, WBBH


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