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Samantha Golt Had Sex with Dog while Boyfriend James Crow Took Pictures

Samantha Golt and her boyfriend James Crow were arrested on Tuesday and charged with one count of felony bestiality and felony second-degree conspiracy.

An investigation of the couple began on December 28, 2012 when a neighbor tipped off Delaware State Troopers about possible dog abuse, reports The Daily Mail.

Master Corporal Gary Fournier told the Delaware State News that troopers found that Golt had engaged in sex with a dog in her home near Milford, Delaware, while Crow took photographs.

The date of offense was listed in court papers as between August 31, 2012 and December 29, 2012. Troopers compared Golt’s driver’s license photo with the bestiality photographs.

Golt and Crow were later released after posting a $12,000 bail. They were also issued a no-contact order with any animal.

Beth Butts, Kent County SPCA spokesman, told the Delaware State News that a bestiality charge is rare and that "any level of animal abuse is absolutely abhorrent."

Butts said: "Animals need to have protection the same as children do in that they are innocent and can’t defend themselves."

"If you have a dog or any other pet that trusts you and you begin hitting or kicking it or committing any kind of abuse, they will not bring much of a defense because they’ve been under your protective, trusting care for a period of time."

"They think you’re supposed to be supporting their needs, not abusing them, and don’t react like they should to an attack."


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