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Sales of "Salt & Freshly Ground Black People" Cookbook Skyrocket

Sales of the cookbook that accidentally told people to make a dish with "salt and freshly ground black people" have skyrocketed since news of the misprint hit the media.

Well, "skyrocket" might be a bit of an overstatement. In the two weeks before the story broke, 48 copies of the "Pasta Bible" were sold in Australia, the only place where the book is available. But in the past two weeks, 180 books were purchased, according to Nielsen BookScan, the folks that monitor such things. That's a not-too-shabby increase of 275%.

Of course, the recipe was supposed to say "black pepper." All of the editors and proofreaders somehow missed the mistake, and the book was shipped to bookstores that way. After it was revealed, Penguin Group Australia had to destroy 7,000 copies that were still in its warehouse and print new ones, at a cost of nearly $20,000.

The company says it has no plans to recall the handful of books that have already been sold. But it will replace them if any buyers have a problem with the typo.


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