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Virgin Islands, Guam Consider Marijuana Legalization

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(Marianas Variety) HAGÅTÑA — There is no legislation formally introduced yet, but Sen. Rory Respicio on Wednesday took the initiative to test the waters by introducing the idea of legalizing marijuana on Guam, a proposal that is sure to trigger fiery debates in the community.

Respicio, a Democrat, said he is in the process of drafting a pertinent bill patterned after California’s proposition to legalize marijuana and regulate it much like alcohol.

“It is ripe to have a discussion now with what is happening in California and Saipan,” Respicio said.

California’s proposition was put on the agenda last week for a vote by the public in November.  On Saipan, Rep. Stanley T. Torres has introduced a bill to legalize marijuana.

Legalized marijuana in United States territories of Guam, Saipan, and hopefully the Virgin Islands means some really cool new vacation spots that don’t require a passport and checking through Customs.  These tiny economies could certainly use the tourism revenue and can’t really afford to be spending limited police and court funds on responsible adult cannabis consumers.


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