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Sailor Kyle Bruner Murdered in Bahamas After Trying to Save Woman Being Robbed

An American sailor was murdered this weekend in the Bahamas after he tried to save a woman who was being robbed by men on the street.

Kyle Bruner lived in Nassau, Bahamas as he pursued his dream of working on tall ships.

He was a private sailor working on a tall ship docked in the island port when he saw the woman being mugged. He ran out and tried to stop the men, but one of them was armed, and shot him in the neck.

Bruner, 34, died from his injury. 

His family said he previously worked as a special education teacher.

They originally came from Indiana. Bruener attended high school and college in the state before he moved to the Northwest side of Chicago.

He also worked in Indiana's Army National Guard.

While his family was shocked by his death, they were not surprised that he was trying to save the woman.

"It was very much in his character," his father, Rick Bruner, said. "He never liked bullies, and he never stood for people around him being bullied. So, this is what he would do. In retrospect, you say maybe he should have avoided the situation but that's not really who he was or the person that we loved."

Bruner was set to leave the island in a week.

Investigators have located one suspect in the shooting but there are two more that are yet to be found.

Crimes like this are called "snatch-and-grab," and are common in Nassau. They are on the rise as well as other crimes.

It was reported by the Royal Bahamian Police Force that murders have increased 35 percent between 2010 and 2011.

In areas where many tourists gather, the crimes are less common, but the State Department said it received "reports of assaults, including sexual assaults, in diverse areas such as in casinos, outside hotels, or on cruise ships."

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC


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