Sailor Blasts National Anthem Because America Is 'Racist', Navy Has Perfect Response (Video)

Sailor Blasts National Anthem Because America Is 'Racist', Navy Has Perfect Response (Video) Promo Image

A sailor is receiving criticism for posting a video of herself refusing to stand during the presentation of colors at Naval Air Technical Training Center in Pensacola, Florida. The video (below) was posted to U.S. Army Military Police WTF Moments’ Facebook page.

The eight-minute video shows the anonymous sailor sitting during the National Anthem, according to The sailor holds her left fist in the air to demonstrate her desire to protest.

While filming herself, the sailor explains her disbelief that America truly represents “the land of the free, home of the brave.”

“I just can’t support anything like that,” she comments.

The U.S. Army Police WTF Moments’ Facebook post of the video included the caption, “It’s one thing to exercise your rights and sit down during the anthem at a game, but as a service member on an installation?”

Sitting during the national anthem defies Navy protocol.

“Whenever the National Anthem is played, all naval service personnel not in formation shall stand at attention and face the national ensign,” reads the official ruling in the U.S. Navy Regulations Handbook.

The video begins with the sailor observing her surroundings. She comments, “Colors are about to go off ... I am looking around because ... I don’t want to get in an argument with nobody this morning.”

“My heart is racing," she added. "This is not an easy thing.”

Later, the sailor says that her protest signifies the “hardest 45 seconds" of her life because Marines were standing near her at the time.

Commanders at the U.S. Navy became aware of the video on Aug. 31, according to

Lt. Cmdr. Kate Meadows, a spokeswoman for Naval Education and Training Command, has said that officials plan to take action in response to the young woman’s video, according to Meadows did not, however, say what punishment might look like for the sailor-in-training.

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