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SAG President Ken Howard Elected to AFL-CIO's Executive Council

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The AFL-CIO Executive Council today welcomed a new member, Ken Howard, president of the Screen Actors (SAG). Howard, who was elected to lead the actor’s union in September 2009, replaces former SAG President Alan Rosenberg.

Convening for a one-day meeting in Washington, D.C., the council heard from Ron Bloom, senior counselor to President Obama for manufacturing policy and a former staff member at the United Steelworkers (USW). The council and union leaders have repeatedly called on the Obama administration to quickly enact a national industrial policy to foster and sustain growth in the nation’s manufacturing industries. Increasing our manufacturing capacity is critical as the world prepares to move toward a green economy.

Pollster Celinda Lake also shared the results of polling on the economy and the political implications of a protracted jobs crisis.

With unemployment at 10.2 percent and the job market still very tight, Economic Policy Institute (EPI) economist Heidi Shierholz discussed expectations for employment trends with the council.

The council members discussed putting together an aggressive national jobs program. At the AFL-CIO’s Constitutional Convention in September, delegates approved a comprehensive economic recovery policy, including a JOBS Now! Initiative. They called for the federation to work with the government at all levels to adopt policies and programs to put people back to work.

The union movement’s top leaders also received updates on the status of our top legislative priorities, including the Employee Free Choice Act and comprehensive health care reform.


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