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Safer Streets 2012: Best Area of Agreement on Guns

I just got off the air with Kate Krueger who is hostess of Talking Guns, the Arizona-based syndicated radio show weekday mornings. They’ve made me a regular guest now Tuesdays about 07:15. You can tune in by going to Talking Guns online and hitting the Watch Live button.

There is an area of agreement between gun owners and the rest of the electorate. First of all, it is not about guns, it is about the armed citizen, a distinctly different concept. It is about latitude in the freedom to act in time of grave danger, the authority to act, the public policy to act, and the meaning of official support of our values system.

On this, there is no negotiation, there is only education and understanding. I think of the armed citizen in freedom as most Americans think of the human being who cannot be owned by another human being. It is beyond question, the second amendment being just as absolute as the freedom from being owned. The second amendment is absolute because it is the lethal force which backs our sovereignty as supreme in the United States. There is no negotiation, but there is an area of agreement.

When we talk about the armed citizen, we talk about a force within any community which is superior in placement, readiness, and citizen authority to anything created by the mind of bureaucrats. This is why it is attacked so. It is extremely important to our nation of self-rule, and for that reason, it is an impeachment of centralization.

Kate and I talked about how gun control operates to the detriment of the nation. It creates a void by vexing the armed citizen such that crime actually grows and becomes a utility of bureaucracy (centralization). Bureaucrats then use crisis for further so-called mandates of governance. Gun control cannot stop ‘gun violence’ because criminals can lay their hands on a gun within hours of their need for one (or more). Gun control is a silly concept sold to Americans who have forgotten the main purpose of the armed citizen. No offense.

When you create this void, an interesting societal sub-culture phenomenon begins, and that is the ideation of officials who come to resent citizens who tolerate their official balderdash. There then even comes a time when officials have a noticable contempt for the electorate for that very tolerance of what they ask of us. This emboldens them and we then come to have what we have today: blatant ridicule of our authority as the Sovereign in this country, defiance of our authority as the Sovereign, mocking of the idea that we are sovereign.

The Code of Silence from Republicans is deafening. They should be asked on the stump if they believe the people are the Sovereign in this country, please. I am waiting for someone to do this.

We also talked about official gun control values and how they smear gun owners and gun dealers in the hope of swaying the public against the second amendment. This is a hostility, and it is a challenge to the authority of the people. It’s also an ignorant paradigm since the topic is a civil right secured by law and not subject to sway... not any more than the idea of owning another would be even open to discussion.

And this is the key to how repealing gun control makes for respect.

The area of agreement is in showing the rest of the adult electorate – the non-gun owner adults relative to 90 million adult gun owners – how the repeal of gun control will mean a reduction in the hostility of officials to civilians by removing the incentive that is violence. The beauty of it is that it will ripple into other areas not even related to guns. That ought to interest all of America.

Getting rid of gun control will not turn into blood in the streets; it will be a respectful affirmation of who is the Sovereign in this country, gun owner or not. This will be extremely meaningful. With that affirmation, with that bold official statement that the people are the Sovereign under our system evidenced by the respect for the Sovereign to be armed, we’ll see a lot fewer boondoggles even submitted, much less adopted. It’s a matter of respect and an affirmation of our authority instead of quarreling with it. It is a matter of no longer cooperating with the servants, but the servants’ cooperating with us. It is a matter of no more nonsense proposed as remedies for stuff liberals caused to begin with.

[And, quite possibly, we might then have a better crop of candidates coming forward to run for all offices large and small. They're probably waiting to be born, but they're out there!]

The concerns of the armed citizen in our sovereignty do not come in a suggestion of putting a gun to the head of Congress, but by our being confirmed by officials as the ones to put a gun to the ribs of violent crime. (Talk about taking a bite out of crime..) This means that crime can no longer be used to the extent it has as an excuse for growing all sorts of unrelated bureaucracies such as electronic stalking (RFID Tracking, ID cards and cameras), drastic plans such as early release of violent thugs, and restraint of the rights of all in non-sequitur crackdowns.

The area of agreement is in smaller government for all by way of a restored respect for the Sovereign. Nothing would say respect better than the repeal of all gun control. If there is one thing Americans can see a consensus on, it’s smaller government.

Would you like to see the repeal of all gun control if it were evidence of a much deeper respect for the citizen and a smaller government emerging out of that deeper respect?


John Longenecker is author of The CPR Corollary, how a national movement for the armed citizen is the moral and public interest equivalent of the movement to train millions in CPR.


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