Olympian Ryan Lochte Reportedly Held Up At Gunpoint

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and three of his teammates were reportedly held up at gunpoint on Aug. 14 while on their way to a party in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The incident was first reported by Fox Sports, and has since been denied by the International Olympics Committee and Lochte’s coach.

Lochte’s mother Ileana confirmed the attack to the news agency, stating that her son called her after it happened and recounted the “terrifying” ordeal.

She also spoke with USA TODAY, and said Lochte had been robbed, but was unharmed.

“I think they’re all shaken up,” Ileana said. "There were a few of them. No, they were just, they just took their wallets and basically that was it.”

David Marsh, Lochte’s personal coach, told USA TODAY the swimmer “was not held up,” and that he is trying to figure out what happened, according to CBS Sports.

IOC spokesman Mark Adams said the report of Lochte being robbed at gunpoint was “absolutely not true.”

According to Ileana, Lochte was in a cab on his way to Brazilian swimmer Thiago Pereira’s party when the vehicle stopped for gas. The group was then allegeled yheld up by people who had guns and knives.

Lochte had his wallet stolen, she said.

Lochte has won 12 Olympic gold medals for swimming. He won one while in Rio as part of the 4x200 freestyle relay.

Sources: Fox Sports, USA TODAY, CBS Sports / Photo Credit: nrcphotos/Flickr

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