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Ryan Cornelissen Saves Newborn Baby After Realizing She Wasn't Breathing

A man was driving to a bank in Michigan when he was flagged down by another man on the side of the road.

Ryan Cornelissen, 21, pulled over and the man handed him a cellphone that was connected to 911. Conrelissen saw that something was wrong with the man's wife, who was in the car.

The man could speak very little English, so it took a minute for Cornelissen to figure out exactly what had happened.

"Something's wrong with his wife, he doesn't speak very good English. He stopped me on the side of the road," Cornelissen said to a 911 dispatcher.

Then he saw that the woman was holding a blanket and inside it was a newborn baby girl.

"She just had a baby," he said calmly to the dispatcher.

"She just had a baby?" the dispatcher asked.

"Yeah," he said.

But then, he realized that the baby was not breathing. He told the dispatcher, who then said he has to perform CPR.

Cornelissen, who weighs 290lbs and played football in high school, said he held the baby's tiny head in his hands and breathed in it its mouth.

"Tilt its head back just a little, but not too much, OK? … you're going to cover the baby's nose and mouth with your mouth," the dispatcher said.

"I did the second breath and I stepped back and he goes, 'is the baby breathing?' I said no. And then all of a sudden the baby made a crying face," Cornelissen said.

"Yes!" he shouted to the dispatcher.

"I remember the face to a T," he said as he recalled the incident to a news station. He scrunched up his face and pretended to be the baby. "That was the face. I swear to God. That was the face. It was awesome."

The baby, born at just 3lbs and 8oz, is said to be doing fine but will stay in the hospital for several weeks.

The baby's parents are forever grateful for Cornelissen's help and have invited him into their home. They hope he will stay in their child's life.

At the parents' home, Cornelissen hugged the dad. The dad said, "I'm very happy to see you again."

He then showed him photos of the little girl wearing a bright pink bow in her hair.

"I didn't think it was that big of a deal but apparently everyone else does," Cornelissen said.

He is currently a student at Macomb County Community College but hopes to be a police officer some day.

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