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Rusty WWII Trunk Found With War Memorabilia (Photos)

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A team of Russian war historians uncovered a lock box filled with artifacts from World War II.

The box was dug up while the historians were exploring a WWII battlefield in Russia with metal detectors.

The discovery was made in Russia, and the men began digging when their metal detectors sensed something below the ground. The Federalist Papers Project says the location of the trunk has not been confirmed.

The men dug 2 to 3 feet down before hitting something hard. They dug further and pulled up the rusty trunk, then proceeded to open it.

Inside was mainly clothes, some belonging to a Nazi soldier -- including a uniform with a swastika.

Other items in the trunk included a box of cigars and Jamaican rum, a dog tag, a wallet and Nazi cash.

Take a look at more photos from the incredibly discovery below.

Sources: War History OnlineFederalist Papers Project / Photo credit: Federalist Papers Project

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