Russian Woman Repeatedly Runs Over Elderly Neighbor Who Allegedly Scratched Her New Car


Police are considering charges against a Russian woman who repeatedly ran over an elderly neighbor after she allegedly scratched her new car.

Video CCTV footage shows 37-year-old Marina Skhurina knocking down the elderly neighbor who was on her way to feed her chickens in the Russian town of Aldan, the Daily Mirror reports.

Skhurina claims that she had not noticed that the 67-year-old had fallen over as she then continues reversing backwards and forwards down the lane, running the woman on the ground over repeatedly in the process.

She is then seen getting out of the vehicle and shouting at her neighbor before kicking snow in her face.

Skhurina did eventually call for help, but only after she saw the woman still lying on the ground, Metro reports.

She believes her neighbor was responsible for scratching her brand new Nissan Qashqai and admitted that she was angry.

Amazingly, the elderly woman only suffered minor injuries thanks to the deep snow which cushioned much of the damage.

Check out the video below:

Sources: Daily MirrorMetro


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