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Russian Teens Use Homeless Man’s Head as Soccer Ball

You read that right. Two teens from Russia have been arrested for allegedly decapitating a homeless man, and then using his head as a soccer ball.

The Moscow Investigative Committee reports that the two had been drinking and attacked the man because they did not like the way he looked. Apparently, that was grounds for a whole lot more.

The committee also reports that "they used knives as well as the saw and axe to kill the vagrant, before one of them cut off his head and mutilated it as three other teenagers looked on. The youths played football with the head and kicked it into a bin, then returned home leaving the man's body."

The trash bin the teens allegedly threw the man’s head into once they were done kicking it around “appears to have taken away by a garbage truck” and “investigators followed a trail of blood to an apartment, where they found traces of blood, bloody clothing, a saw and an ax,”writesNBC World News.

The two teens are being held now and will face up to 15 years of jail time if they are convicted of murder.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Inquisitr, NBC World News


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