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Russian Surgeon Removes Heroin From Drug Mule Stomach, Steals Drug

A Russian surgeon was arrested for hoarding a five-gram bag of heroin after removing bags of drugs from a drug mule’s stomach, and may now face up to 15 years in prison.

When police returned to question the doctor about missing drugs, he was found intoxicated and with the bag on his person.

“At the moment of the detention,” one police officer for the Siberian Krasnoyarsk region said, “the doctor was in a state of narcotic intoxication."

Local news outlets have reported that the 32-year-old has a history of drug possession.

The surgeon, who worked in the small city of Bogotol in the Krasnoyarsk region, could face charges of theft and possession of heroin.

In a police video, the unnamed doctor refused to answer questions without his lawyer present.

According to police, the smuggler was a national of one of the former Soviet republics and known to police. When he became sick on a train ride from Krasnoyarsk to Bogotol he was taken to the hospital to have the smuggled bags removed. The man is currently in a coma.

Russia has the highest rate of intravenous drug use in the world, and has one of the fastest growing HIV rates.

Sources: Newser, The Guardian


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