Russian Officials Investigate Photo of Factory Workers Bathing In Cheese (Photo)


Russian food safety officials have launched an investigation into a group of workers at a Siberian factory after they posted a picture of themselves naked in a vat of cheese.

“Yeah, our job is really boring,” the photo’s caption reads.

Officials were alerted to the photo when angry consumers saw the “sickening” picture, which is believed to be taken at lead food processing center Omsk “The Cheese” trade house.

“If you plan to buy string cheese the next time you go to the supermarket, you may want to check that it wasn't made in Omsk,” one Russian newspaper warned.

Alexander Kriga, head of RosPotrebNadzor, the Russian food safety watchdog in the Omsk region, said investigation into the exact location the picture was taken at is under way.

An unscheduled visit to the factory was made Thursday as part of the investigation.

Kriga reported that the results of the investigation will be made public as soon as possible.

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Sources: DailyMail, RT


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