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Russian Model Under Fire For Dyeing A Kitten Pink, Killing It

Russian TV personality, model and author Elena Lenina is under fire because she contributed to the death of her pet kitten.

Lenina dyed the kitten pink for a party and the animal died several months later, after licking its fur.

The "Pretty In Pink" party was held in September and eyewitnesses reported the cat seemed irritated and eager to escape Lenina’s hands.

According to the Daily Mail, Lenina later gave the kitten away.

“The pink color was especially chosen for its healing properties and also strengthens the cat’s hair. My vet told me it was a beneficial addition to him,” Lenina said before the kitten died, Metro reported. 

A veterinarian confirmed the kitten died from being poisoned by the dye.

Artist Yuri Kuklachev was critical of Lenina’s decision to dye the cat; he described it as pointless and unnecessarily cruel.

Lenina is currently not facing any legal action, but an online petition demanding the police investigate the case has garnered thousands of signatures. The local government has not responded.

Sources: Daily Mail, Metro Image: CEN via Metro


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