Russian Woman Accused Of Killing Teen Sister


A naked Russian teen model died after reportedly being stabbed over 140 times and having her eyes gouged out by her sister.

Stefania Dubrovina’s murder occurred in the flat of an anonymous 42-year-old man on Feb. 24, Daily Mail reports. Stefania’s elder sister Elizaveta Dubrovina, 19, is currently in detention and is suspected of killing and dismembering her sister’s body.

Although Stefania, 17, posed for nude pictures, she denied having taken part in any pornographic films or working as a prostitute.

An unnamed friend told local newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that on the night the model was murdered, she had visited the unidentified man, according to Daily Mail.

“It is not 100 per cent proved that she had romantic relations with his man,” the friend said. “We are only sure that this man organized photo sessions for Stefania. She visited him a week before too.”

A police source said Elizaveta joined Stefania that night and the three of them had “a great party." By midnight the threesome reportedly ran out of alcohol, and the unnamed man went out to buy some more.

But immediately after the man left, the elder sister allegedly attacked Stefania with a knife.

A police source said said Elizaveta cut off the ears of her sister, gouged out her eyes, and hacked the model’s entire body with a knife.

A friend said Elizaveta was always “a bit crazy” and was reportedly treated at a psychiatric clinic. She also reportedly copied her younger sister, adopting both her hair color and her lipstick.

“There are photographs of both sisters hugging each other but there is no doubt that the elder sister envied the younger one.”

Both of the girls were orphans, but Stefania escaped the orphanage at 15 and was on the run for three months.  

“I had known Stefania for about two years," Stas Baretsky, a 43-year-old St. Petersburg showman, said. "She was a modest and attractive girl, she took part in my shows. I am shocked.”

“I called Stefania some hours before her death, she was crying," he added. "I asked her, 'What happened?' But she explained nothing. I only understood that she had some problems."

The girl’s aunt, Ekaterina Dubrovina, said Stefania's death is a “shocking tragedy” and that both Stefania and Elizaveta suffered a nightmarish childhood.

“My blood turns to ice," Ekaterine said. "These poor children are not guilty in their gruesome childhood and in all their unhappy life which unfortunately ended for Stefania."

Sources: Daily Mail, Detroit Newstime / Photo credit: East2West News via Daily Mail

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