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Man's Intense Love Of The Platypus Inspires Him To Transform His Face Into One (Video)

A Russian man decided to show his love of platypuses by having parts of his face stretched to look just like one.

26-year-old Jenya Bolotov, an up and coming designer, decided to go to drastic measures to make himself look like a platypus, and as he stated, it’s “what I have always wanted to be.”

“Externally, I am now a platypus. Inside though, I am more like a bird,” Bolotov said, according to Metro UK. “They’re my spirit animal and they come to me in my dreams. I love platypus – the way they look and even the word ‘platypus’ itself. I like the way my stretched face and lips now look like a platypus bill.”

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Bolotov’s extreme makeover included stretching his ear lobes, getting a hole in each nostril, plugging his lips to make his mouth look like a beak, and inserting a hole into his septum. Reports say that Bolotov is the very first person to get the bridge of his nose stretched.

“All of the modifications I have added to my body make me feel whole. This is what I am now. It is what I have always wanted to be,” said Bolotov, who also noted that his obsession with body piercings started at the age of 10. “I was a very quiet child. When I was a kid, I felt as if I didn’t belong in this world. I felt like it wasn’t my world and that I was looking at it as if from outside. I knew that I would have to genuinely change myself and live differently to feel happy.”

“Then my friend said that if anyone could achieve a truly big, horizontal lip, they would look like a platypus,” Bolotov continued. “I wanted to be like that. I loved the large bill of a platypus. I can eat, talk and speak on the phone like everyone else. Nothing has changed at all. I do attract a lot of negative attention when I walk down the street and sometimes people make mean comments. I’m used to it now though and I just try to ignore them.”

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Bolotov says he currently does not have a girlfriend, but he hopes to find someone who finds him attractive despite his body modifications.

Sources:Metro UK, The Daily Mirror, Daily Mail / Photo Source: Screenshots


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