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Russian Man Sergei Siluyanova Speeds Away With Officer On Car Hood (Video)

After being stopped by an officer for making an illegal turn, Russian man Sergei Siluyanova sped away with the officer on the hood of his Dodge.

A dashboard camera filmed the entire event, which occurred on the Schelkovskoye Highway.

During the video, Lieutenant Seleznev can be seen stepping in front of the Dodge and suddenly grasping for leverage on the hood of the car as Silutanova speeds away. Seleznev looks terrified as Silutanova weaves in and out of traffic, apparently trying to swing the lieutenant off his hood.

When Seleznev regains some composure, he appears to yell at Silutanova to stop the vehicle, but is eventually thrown from the hood after being dragged almost a mile. Silutanova evidently thought nothing of the injured officer and continued to drive.

Seleznev was taken to a local hospital and treated for his injuries, which are not considered life threatening.

Silutanova, who has a record of previous arrests for drug possession and theft, was arrested two days after the incident in Moscow. He abandoned his Dodge in the yard of another house.

The 30-year-old later told police that he fled from Seleznev because he was afraid of going to prison.

Sources: MSN, The Mirror


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