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Russian Man Finds Murdered Body Of Previous Tenant In New Apartment

A Russian man had no idea what he was getting into when he purchased a brand new flat without ever personally inspecting the property. Waiting inside his new home was the murdered body of the previous tenant, who was said to be an alleged drug dealer.

Taras Yermolayev, 45, said that he initially found the flat on the Internet, and seeing as it was such a bargain, there was no way he could pass on the opportunity.

Upon entering the flat, Yermolayev noticed that the property had been ransacked and there were numerous holes in the walls, as if a fight or skirmish had taken place. As Yermolayev neared the bathroom, he saw the mangled body of Dementi Zakharov, 50.

“It was terrifying when I saw the body, like the stuff from a horror movie,” said Yermolayev. “The place looked like someone had smashed it up with a sledgehammer and then done the same to the previous tenant. His head looked like it had been severely battered, and I didn't even recognize if the body was that of a man or woman at first.”

After coming face to face with the horrid sight, Yermolayev proceeded to call the local authorities before “vomiting in the kitchen sink.”

A police spokesman told reporters: “There are signs that the victim had been tortured before being murdered. He is known to us as a drug dealer, and we suspect this was some sort of revenge attack connected to his business.”

From a logical standpoint, it is safe to say that most people would check out an apartment or home before signing a binding lease. Yermolayev is now the owner of the flat and says that he has no intentions of ever spending a night there. 

“There's no way I'm going to ever feel comfortable living here knowing what happened,” said Yermolayev. “I plan to sell up as soon as the police have finished their investigation and I can get someone in to clean up this mess.”

Source: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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