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Russian Man Attempts To Blow Up Ex-Wife

Is there a woman amongst us who at one point hasn’t heard a man claim he was going to blow her mind while pursuing either a personal or professional relationship? Apparently in Russia that phrase is taken more literally than it is here in the US of A.

A man lured his former wife into a Russian forest to get a package that an anonymous note indicated would "contain the documents needed to settle her father’s financial problems.”

When she picked up the package, which contained an improvised explosive device, it blew up, liberating one of the woman’s digits and part of another, while also breaking several of her fingers and wrist bones.

After the man was arrested, he claimed he did it to win her back, by “having her to believe that he is her sole protector.”

For his bombastic attempt at winning her back the man now faces attempted murder charges. You can see that the whole plan really blew up in his face, amiright? I'll see myself out.

Ladies, who says chivalry is dead?

Sources: NDTV, IansLive


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