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Russian Law Allows For Punishment Of Terrorists’ Relatives To Pay For Attack Damages

A new law in Russia makes relatives and others close to terrorists responsible for damages from attacks.

MSN notes that Russian President Vladmir Putin signed a bill into law that would require the relatives, spouses and other "close people" of terrorists to pay for the damages of their attacks.

The term “close people” refers to those whose lives, health, and well-being are valued by the terrorist, due to the terrorist’s personal relationships with the individuals, according to RT, which reports that under the law, all damages – including moral damage – should be compensated “at the expense of the means of the person committing the terrorist act and also at the expense of the means of his [or her] family, relatives and close people.”

The new law also allows for the government to investigate the assets and properties of any relatives or "close people" to determine whether they acquired those items by legal means. If documents are not provided to prove that to be the case, the government can take away the possessions.

RT also notes that there is now a limitation of action under this law, which means it could be implemented regardless of the remoteness of a crime and that harsher jail terms for terror activities have been introduced.

Individuals convicted of organizing a terrorist network can receive 20 years in jail and be ordered to pay a fine of around $31,000.

Sources: MSN, RT


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