Russian Historian Who Dug Up Girls' Bodies To Play Dress Up Sent To Psychiatric Clinic


A Russian historian who exhumed the bodies of 150 dead girls in order to mummify them and dress them up for “birthday parties” has been found mentally unfit to stand trial.

Anatoly Moskvin, 45, was arrested in 2011 after police discovered he had dug up the corpses of 150 girls between the ages of 3 and 12, reports The Daily Mail.

Moskvin turned the girls’ bodies into mummies and dressed their skeletons in stockings and dresses.

The mummified corpses were given names by Moskvin, and he organized birthday parties for them.

A video shot by Moskvin, and recovered by investigators, showed the faces of the girls were wrapped in light beige fabric.

“These dolls are made of mummified human remains,” says a voiceover on the recording.

The clothing used for the mummified corpses was scavenged from graves, reports The Telegraph.

Moskvin compiled up-to-date information of the lives of each girl he exhumed, and had printed instructions on a computer as to how to produce dolls out of human remains, reports International Business Times.

Alexei Yesin, the editor of a local newspaper Moskvin contributed to, was shocked by the reports of what Moskvin had been doing, and described him as a loner.

"I saw no signs of that while working with him," Yesin said.

Yesin added that he could not understand how Moskvin fit all the bodies into his apartment, which he shared with his parents.

In court, Moskvin was called a “genius,” and he was considered an expert on cemeteries in his city of Nizhny Novgorod, central Russia.

After three years of observation in a psychiatric clinic, the prosecutors office issued a statement as to Moskvin’s mental health.

“After three years of monitoring him in a psychiatric clinic it is absolutely clear that Moskvin is not mentally fit for trial,” a prosecutor spokesman said. “He will therefore be kept for psychiatric treatment at the clinic.”

Photo Source: WikiCommons


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