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15-Year-Old Russian Girl Beaten By Classmates, Filmed For World To See (Video)

A 15-year-old girl, beaten by students at her school in northern Russia, was left bleeding on the ground while her attackers continue talking and smoking cigarettes.

The violence occurred outside of a school in Yakutsk, in north-eastern Russia, where the teenage victim, Rima Kovalyova, was brutally beaten by one of her classmates, Diana Kozlova, Mad World News reports.

During the incident, Kovalyova was thrown to the ground with blood dripping from her face after being insulted and having her hair pulled.

At one point in the 30-second footage (below), she can be seen receiving a violent kick to the head by Kozlova, knocking her backwards. Kozlova then joined onlooking classmates for a cigarette and the other students just stood there without helping the young victim.

According to the Daily Mirror, Kovalyova was eventually helped up by another classmate and was taken to a nearby hospital, where her mother filed a complaint.

“The girl was apparently attacked because other people felt she had said something insulting. We are currently interviewing those that we could identify,” according to a local police spokesman.

Daily Star reports that police are taking the brutal attack seriously after it was shared thousands of times on Russian social network V Kontakte, the country’s version of Facebook.

Warning: The following video contains graphic content that some viewers may find offensive.

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