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Russian Driver With Axe Attacks Car Carrying Children (Video)

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A terrifying road rage attack in St. Petersburg, Russia, was caught on camera when one man decided to swing an axe into a car carrying two children.

A father driving an Audi with his children in the back of the car honks at the driver of the Land Cruiser in front of him, who had stopped abruptly in heavy traffic. Although the two cars never touch, the honk instigates a shouting match.  

After several minutes of arguing, the owner of the Land Cruiser goes to the back of his car and pulls out a long-handled axe. A woman, likely the man’s wife, can be heard screaming and is seen trying to stop him from pulling out the weapon.

Noting the axe, the father driving the Audi rushes back into his car and puts the vehicle in reverse as the Land Cruiser owner smasheds the bonnet of the car. The axe-wielding man manages to swing a second hit into the windshield and attempts a third at the back seat window before the Audi driver escapes.

The children inside the Audi can be heard screaming and crying for their father.

The Land Cruiser owner attempts to chase the Audi on foot but soon gives up.

Later, the driver who had filmed the entire incident follows the Audi driver and offers him the nightmarish footage to show to the police. Although the footage was captured with a phone, documenting events with dashboard cameras has become increasingly common for drivers in Russia and can be valuable in the event of something like this, or to lower the risk of being framed by bribe-taking traffic police.

Fortunately, no one appeared to be injured and police have since launched an investigation into the axe-wielding man.

Sources: DailyMail, AOL


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