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Russian Doctor Caught On Video Punching Heart Surgery Patient In Chest (Video)

A Russian doctor is under investigation after he was caught on video punching a patient recovering from heart surgery in the chest. The victim died one week after the incident.

Russian Health Minister Veronika Skortsova ordered the investigation this week after surveillance footage from the February attack was leaked.

On the video, which you can see below, anesthetist Andrei Votyakov is seen having an animated discussion with the 61-year-old victim. The patient is tied to his bed by his wrists and ankles.  The doctor first punches the patient in the face. He then punches him on the left side of his chest. Yes, the same left side that the man’s freshly operated on heart is located. He then walks around to other side of the bed and briefly pulls off the man’s oxygen mask before leaving the room.

Votyakov says he lashed out at the patient because he had insulted him at the end of a tiring 36-hour shift. He says he regrets the decision but does not take responsibility for the man’s death.

Something tells me that reasoning won't hold up in court. 

He has officially been charged with intentionally inflicting harm to a person which results in death.

Here is surveillance footage of the incident:



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