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Russian Dash Cam Catches Washing Machine Falling Out of Car (Video)

A video published on Monday from a Russian dash cam revealed two women and their new washing machine as it flew from their car and crashed onto the street at a stop sign.

When the car moved to accelerate, the washing machine rocked against the glass window in the back of the car and shattered it. After a moment, the back door of the car swung open and the washing machine crashed to the ground.

The machine itself shattered as the two women stepped out of their car and went to survey the damage while mostly gawking at the mess.

The man behind them eventually stepped out of the car to help the women and seemed to be searching behind him for help from others waiting at the stop sign.

As MSN quipped, the videos taken from Russian dash cams are “entertaining but rarely educational” with this particular video instructing the world “how to destroy a washing machine using only your car.”

Since it was posted to YouTube on Aug. 5, the video has accumulated 122,00 views.

While Russian cam culture was born out of necessity to protect drivers from insurance scammers, there is a considerable following on Reddit devoted to entertaining footage such as the crashing washing machine.

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