Russian Crocodile Hospitalized After 252-Pound Woman Falls On It

A Russian crocodile had to be taken to a hospital recently after a 252-pound woman fell on top of the creature and nearly crushed it.

The 7-foot reptile, known as Fedya, was traveling on The Soviet Circus' bus and was asleep when the vehicle went over a bump. The heavy-set woman next to it fell out of her seat and landed on the crocodile.

The woman, an accountant for the circus, was not wearing her seat belt during the ride.

The circus feared for Fedya's life after it continously vomited for three hours, which is a sign of shock and internal injury. The croc was taken to a local hospital where doctors examined it for injury.

The woman was not injured, but was advised to lose weight and reprimanded for not wearing a seat belt.

Although Fedya missed its most recent performance for medical reasons, exotic animals like Fedya still tour through Russia since there are no laws preventing them from performing. 

Sources: DailyMail, Rocket News 24


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