Russia To Spy On Olympic Athletes And Guests, Analysts Say


Russia installed an all-encompassing surveillance system at Olympic facilities in Sochi so the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) can monitor “all communications” at the Winter Games.

Athletes and spectators attending the 2014 Games in February will be subject to the systematic, invasive spying tactics, according to The Guardian.

The surveillance system, called SORM, will give the FSB free access to all phone and internet communications during the Games without the providers’ knowledge, says prominent security analyst Andrei Soldatov.

Soldatov and his colleague Irina Borogan researched documents published by the Russian government. They claim authorities have been installing surveillance in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi since 2010.

“There is a promise that visitors will have access to the fastest WiFi networks in Olympic history, for free,” researchers wrote on their website

“Operators do not know what and when the FSB is monitoring,” Soldatov told AFP.

SORM was developed by the KGB in the mid-1980s and has undergone recent updates, according to Soldatov. Law enforcement agencies do not have to provide a court order to wiretap via SORM. Telecommunications providers are responsible for paying for the program.

“The most unique feature of this system is its totality,” said Soldatova.

Sources: The Guardian, Raw Story


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