Russia Celebrates First Vegan Café


Animals are getting a whole lotta love at Russia's first vegan restaurant, the Moscow franchise of the international chain Loving Hut. The restaurant appropriately chose April 7, World Health Day, for its grand opening, which featured Russian vegetarian celebrities, a fashion show featuring clothing made of fruits and vegetables, an animal rights film screening, and, of course, plenty of delicious vegan cuisine.

Russian animal rights group Vita says the growing number of Russians who care about animals and healthy eating are thrilled to welcome Loving Hut, and Vita considers its opening the beginning of a new era for the country.

The bakery case at Loving Hut looks as awesome as your body feels from a healthy vegan diet.

For Loving Hut locations, visit the chain's website, And for yummy PETA-tested recipes, check out our "Vegetarian Living" page

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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