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Rush Limbaugh Goes Anti-Gun With Humane Society Ads

By Bill Brassard | NSSF Aiming for Accuracy

hope Rush Limbaugh pulls his support for the Humane Society of the
United States. In case you missed it, "El Rushbo" recently recorded two
that, unfortunately, lend credibility to a group that is
the most well-financed anti-hunting force in America.

now we will give Mr. Limbaugh the benefit of the doubt, believing he
simply was confused about what HSUS stands for, as are many Americans,
including a number of hunters and shooters who mistakenly contribute to
HSUS and thereby inadvertently strengthen a group that works against
them and their hunting traditions. Mr. Limbaugh may have thought HSUS
was the group that ran the local shelter for dogs and cats (Rush makes
note of his cat, Pumpkin, in one of the ads). Well, HSUS is not your
local humane society. Please remember that.

In response to Mr. Limbaugh's misguided support of HSUS, the sporting community has sent a number of letters to him, including one signed
by 28 pro-hunting, pro-conservation groups, including NSSF, gently
chastising him for getting cozy with an organization that has been
connected with nearly every major piece of anti-hunting legislation.
The letter seeks to educate Mr. Limbaugh about the vital role that
hunters, trappers and anglers play in conserving America's wildlife and
wild places.

year, billions of dollars are pumped into conservation and local
economies by American hunters, anglers, and trappers through the
purchases of their licenses, equipment and clothing, and through their
expenditures on hotels, travel, and dining.”

The letter points out to Mr. Limbaugh how his endorsement assists HSUS in advancing its agenda:

decision to produce these advertisements for HSUS, and the implied
endorsements that come with them, are a real coup for their cause. With
America’s most prominent conservative spokesman on board, they have the
opportunity to make in-roads in to a new cross-section of our country.

are helping them to mainstream their image in the minds of reasonable
people. Your collaboration furthers the anti-hunting and anti-fishing
agenda of HSUS, which will undermine the great success of conservation
and threatens the economies of small towns and rural states across our

we hope Mr. Limbaugh realizes his mistake and reconsiders his support
for HSUS, we hope just as much that this episode of mistaken humane
society identity serves as an "teaching moment" for all Americans,
especially those who approve of hunting, which by the latest surveys is
about 78 percent of the public.

you remember best what you read last, we'll say again that the HSUS is
not affiliated with your local independent animal care agency. That's
what HSUS wants you to think, though. The wolf in sheep's clothing.
Don't fall for it.


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