Rush Limbaugh Deceived by Humane Society in New Ad


HSUS is masterful in masking its true animal rights ideological agenda. Now, it has scored a real coup: Rush Limbaugh has tooted his considerable horn in praise of HSUS.

Rush is right that dog fighting is wrong and shelter dogs need to be adopted. But HSUS runs no shelters. It pushes the animal rights agenda by bringing lawsuits against animal industries and seeks to bring an end to activities such as hunting, meat, and research via the death of a thousand cuts.

Limbaugh makes a point of stating that "on this issue" he is with HSUS. But he also says he is "impressed" with HSUS. He has fallen for the deception and has boosed this group in a way that is unprecedented.

Decrying abuse is right and proper. Doing a PSA against dog fighting is spot on. But Limbaugh shouldn't have boosted the group. It is really against everything for which he stands.

Postscript: Limbaugh lauds HSUS for paying $5000 for information used to stop dog fighting . That's fine. But it only offered $2500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the Santa Cruz anti animal researcher bombers. To me, that is telling.

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