Rush Limbaugh Complains Cleveland Abduction Victim May Receive Welfare

Despite them being locked away for the better part of a decade - devoid of family, friends, and any semblance of a normal life – outspoken talk show host Rush Limbaugh has somehow managed to lay blame on the victims of the horrifying Ohio abduction ordeal.

Amid the aftermath of the dramatic rescue of three Cleveland-area women, Limbaugh – being the highly-criticized political commentator he is – managed to gripe about welfare being given to a child of one of the women rescued Monday evening.

The conservative radio talk show host was somehow able to connect the developing story with President Barack Obama, the television series Hawaii Five-O, and welfare.

Limbaugh begins his rant by informing listeners he was watching a “fascinating” episode of the CBS show that centered around a lazy couple who kept girls “locked away” in their house in order to eventually collect welfare.

“I happened last night to watch Hawaii Five-0 on CBS … Hawaii Five-O‘s premise last night was kidnapped girls held until they were 18 and then let go or killed — well, always killed — by a couple doing it for the welfare benefits.”

Limbaugh continued:

“Now I don’t know what happened in Cleveland, but I couldn’t help but make the connection. I mean, if everybody else in the low-information crowd is going to use what happens on TV for reality, why can’t I?”

Naturally, Limbaugh finished his highly-intelligent argument with another logical zinger:

“Three brothers, but not related to the the three women, have been arrested in Cleveland — which voted Obama. Not that that’s got anything to do with anything!"

Limbaugh was referencing the three brothers who are currently being held in relation to the case. The three women and one child were rescued Monday evening after a neighbor reported hearing screaming coming from the home.

The women – Amanda Berry, 27, Georgina “Gina” DeJesus, 23, and Michelle Knight, 32 – all disappeared in the early 2000s, according to police. They were allegedly held captive in the home of Ariel Castro, 52, a former bus driver. 

Sources: The Inquisitr


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