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Rush Limbaugh Blames Detroit Bankruptcy on Black People, Unions

Most economists have attributed Detroit's recent bankruptcy to the deterioration of high-paying union jobs, auto companies outsourcing those jobs to foreign countries and a shrinking tax base.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh recently laid the blame on black people, unions and former Mayor Coleman Young who left office in 1994.

According to, Limbaugh told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren on Tuesday: “You’ve had that town has been a petri dish of everything the Democrat Party stands for, everything the Democrat Party loves, massive unions, massive pensions, pay people pensions and health care long after they’ve stopped working."

"You have massive welfare states where citizens are given things left and right in order to buy their votes. You have no opposition whatsoever."

"And in the case of the, you throw race into the mix and you bring on [Detroit] Mayor Coleman Young who causes [civil rights] riots in 1967 in Detroit and Mayor Young caused a white flight to suburbia, and Detroit is left with nothing but liberal Democrats running it. It is what it is. And you, any place in this country that has similar circumstances, the same fate is going to happen to them," claimed Limbaugh.

However, notes that Coleman Young wasn’t elected to the mayor’s office until 1973, six years after the riots.

While the Detroit city government does pay pensions, so do numerous other cities that have not gone bankrupt.

Limbaugh failed to mention that Detroit has gone bankrupt under Republican Governor Rick Snyder and has suffered mightily because union auto jobs were shipped overseas by corporate America beginning in the 1970s, which Mayor Coleman had no control of.

The radio host did not mention there were riots in numerous cities in 1967 in reaction to widespread discrimination, and sometimes murder, of black people.



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