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Rush Limbaugh Berates Media: Mandela's Death Is ‘Not What’s Important’ To Americans (Audio)

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said Friday that the media is giving too much attention to Nelson Mandela, even though his death “isn’t going to change anything,” in an attempt to “guilt people into joining them.”

“Media idolatry, slavish media devotion, will always come back and bite the beneficiaries of that,” Limbaugh warned.

“I don’t mean to portray the American people as callous and unfeeling, but take the attention the that media is giving and the time that they’re spending on the death of Mandela,” he continued. “It’s way, way out of proportion to what really going on in people’s lives and what they’re scared about and what matters to them.”

Limbaugh said vast media coverage of Mandela's death and legacy “is out of touch.”

“This is not what’s important. This doesn’t matter to me. That’s not going to change my life. Even if I deeply care and I’m worried about Mandel’s death and I’m saddened by it, it isn’t going to change anything,” he said.

“And the media’s spending all this attention attempting to guilty people into joining them,” he concluded. “Enough of this backfires.”

Sources: Huffington Post, Media Matter


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