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Rush Limbaugh Bashes Liberals for Bailing Out Julian Assange

Rush Limbaugh is bashing Michael Moore and other liberals who have donated money to bail WikiLeaks founder and accused rapist Julian Assange out of jail.

"It's so heartwarming to see a bunch of high-minded people out there on the left...coming out of the woodwork and paying the bail of the serial rapist Julian Assange," Limbaugh said on his radio show on Tuesday. "Who knew that they were such fans of serial rapists?"

Moore donated $20,000 towards the $315,000 bail. Others sympathetic to Assange also gave money.

"Of course they would help a thousand rapists if it would mean that one America-hater might go free," Limbaugh said.

Assange is wanted in Sweden in connection with the sexual assaults of two women. He is in custody in England. 

Moore and others applaud Assange's release of confidential U.S. documents. However, Limbaugh finds himself aligned with such sworn enemies as President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have condemned the release of the documents.

Assange was granted bail on Tuesday, but he is being held pending a possible appeal from Swedish authorities who want to extradited him.

Limbaugh also criticized the British judge for granting bail in the first place.

"How can he be a flight risk?" Limbaugh asked sarcastically. "I mean he's only got a bunch of fake identities and passports. What's the concern here?"


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