Rural Backyard Shooter Hits Neighbor's House Twice, Fires Off More Rounds When Asked To Stop


A resident of rural Paso Robles, California is facing charges after he fired two bullets into his neighbor’s house while shooting at a water tower in his backyard. When the neighbor went outside and yelled that bullets hit his house, the shooter brazenly replied “I can do anything I want on my property” and fired three more rounds.

The backyard shooter is identified as 59 year old Dean Buckley. He lives about 100 yards away from neighbor Tom Normandy. Normandy said he and his wife were relaxing in their living room at about 5:30 pm on September 26th when the thud of a gunshot was followed by the piercing sound of shattering glass in their kitchen. Moments later, they heard yet another shot hit their house.

Normandy got up and checked the windows in his kitchen and, sure enough, a bullet had flown right through. He went outside and yelled at Buckley to stop shooting. Buckley heard his neighbor but decided to shoot three more rounds in defiance.

“I could easily have been getting a glass of water and taken a bullet to the head,” Normandy said.

Buckley has been shooting at a local water tower from his backyard for years, Normandy says. Although the neighbor’s homes are only 100 yards apart, they are separated by a creek and densely wooded forests. Somehow, the bullet managed to weave its way through the woods and crash into Normandy’s home.

Police found the second bullet lodged deep in an exterior wall of Normandy’s home. Buckley admitted to police that he was firing a .45-caliber revolver at the time. He has been charged with felony discharge of a firearm with gross negligence. His court date is set for January 28th.

“I have no problem with people owning guns,” Normandy said, “but I think you should be responsible with it.”

Source: The Tribune, San Luis Obispo


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