Runway to Green to Be Fur-Free


mandiberg/cc by 2.0

Last year, award-winning designer John Bartlett went vegan—and so did his celebrated collections, which no longer contain any animal skins.

So when Bartlett heard about the upcoming Runway to Green eco-fashion show, he also wanted to make sure that there would be no fur flying on the runway, considering how the fur industry wreaks havoc on the environment. Bartlett penned a letter to Salma Hayek, one of the hosts of the event, outlining how fur is loaded with toxic chemicals to keep it from rotting in people's closets and how fur farms have been fined millions of dollars by the Environmental Protection Agency for hazardous-waste violations.

Bartlett was thrilled to hear back almost immediately that there will be no fur at Runway to Green. Hayek herself shuns fur, as do designers Stella McCartney and Tommy Hilfiger, who will feature pieces in the show. Now that all the other designers have agreed to follow suit, Runway to Green will truly be both Earth-friendly and animal-friendly.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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