Ex-Rubio Delegates Call For A Trump/Rubio Ticket


Five unbound Louisiana delegates released by former presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida are urging presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to ask Rubio to be his running mate.

The delegates released the letter on May 5 to announce they would vote for Trump on the first ballot at the Republican National Convention and are asking Trump to consider Rubio as his vice president in exchange, The Hill reports.

"There is a need to build consensus in our party and support the candidate who can not only lead our country in the right direction but also win in the general election," the letter states, according to the Hill.

Louisiana delegates Stephanie Berault, Kirk Williamson, Jennifer LeBlanc, Leslie Tassin and Luke Letlow, the chief of staff for the state's Republican Rep. Ralph Abraham, signed the letter. After Rubio dropped out of the primary race, his five delegates were released to support anyone they choose.

"We firmly believe the process of achieving consensus involves not only supporting the presumptive nominee but also asking him to listen to the will of the other voters who may not have originally supported him," the letter continues. "We would request Mr. Trump consider our candidate, Senator Marco Rubio, as a potential running mate this fall as his presence on the ticket would further bring our party a united voice."

The relationship between Trump and Rubio has been a heated one for some time, and the pair traded many insults during Rubio's campaign.

In late February, Rubio said, "Donald is not going to make America great, he's going to make America orange," taking a jab at Trump's tan after the billionaire businessman ridiculed the senator for allegedly drinking a high volume of water, CNN reports.

Now that Trump is assembling a committee to help him select his running mate, former Rubio supporters are speculating whether the pair can put their combative history behind and unite under one ticket. But it may be a far-fetched idea.

An anonymous source reportedly told Newsmax the real estate mogul is not considering a Trump-Rubio ticket, despite the Florida senator quietly "lobbying for the job." He is, however, considering running with former candidate Ben Carson, who has endorsed Trump and will head the vice presidential selection committee.

Trump-Carson "should not be ruled out" as running mates," the source said.

Sources: The Hill, CNN, Newsmax / Photo Credit: Michael Vadon/Flickr

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