Route To Remote Island Found On Malaysia Airlines Pilot's Flight Simulator


More than three months after Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 lost communication with the ground and disappeared, the plane or any remnants of a crash have yet to be discovered.

The reasoning behind the plane’s disappearance also remains unclear. Shortly after the search for the aircraft began, Malaysian law enforcement officials suggested that the plane's two pilots were being investigated for possible terrorist motives or criminal activity. Although many of the pilots' friends and family members have dismissed these theories and allegations, the two have continued to be scrutinized.

Many of the accusations of foul play have been directed towards Captain Zaharie Shah, the 53-year-old pilot of the aircraft.

According to The Telegraph, investigators recently discovered that Shah had plotted a flight to a remote island in the Indian Ocean on a flight simulator found in his home. The route was reportedly deleted prior to the March 8 disappearance of the plane. Of course, the existence of this simulated flight path could be coincidental. Still, police are investigating any leads they can get. 

Although the the flight simulator does not lead investigators any closer to a conclusion or rescuers any closer to a discovery, it does give new hope to those attempting to figure out the mysterious situation. 

Rescue efforts are now being redirected to the area in the southern Indian Ocean where Shah planned his flight, and the captain has become the primary suspect in the ongoing criminal investigation. According to The Sunday Times, various intelligence checks have failed to identify any other individual aboard the aircraft aside from Shah as a suspect for its disapearance. 

Sources: The Telegraph, The Sunday Times


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