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Roubena Hartounian Arrested After Toddler At Her Day Care Facility Tests Positive For Marijuana

A day care facility in California has been shut down and its director arrested after a young child who was being supervised there reportedly ingested marijuana.

KABC-TV reports that Roubena Hartounian was arrested on Wednesday after investigators learned a 2-year-old girl at her Glendale, Calif., residential day care facility had eaten marijuana, according to police.

The 50-year-old Hartounian was taken into custody on suspicion of child neglect and endangerment at Bina's Family Child Care, which city officials closed after they discovered it had no power and there were rat droppings scattered inside, Glendale Police Sgt. Tom Lorenz said, according to Glendale News-Press.

“The conditions of the home warranted a criminal investigation,” Lorenz said.

The girl’s parents reportedly noticed that she was lethargic Tuesday evening after being picked up from the day care facility. When her condition was not improving, she was taken to Verdugo Hills Hospital.

At about midnight, police responded to the hospital, where doctors confirmed the child tested positive for THC, an active ingredient of marijuana, Lorenz said. The parents told police they believed their daughter “consumed” marijuana at the day care home, he added.

The child later was transported to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles for monitoring.

Detectives obtained a warrant and searched the day care facility. Lorenz noted that they discovered the toilets were not working and they found an unkempt kitchen with exposed knives and stacks of dirty dishes.

Rat and mice droppings were also reportedly strewn throughout the facility and found on children’s toys. They also found drug paraphernalia, he said.

The “unsanitary and unfit” conditions discovered inside the home prompted code enforcement officials to declare it uninhabitable until all violations have been corrected, Lorenz said.

Source: KABC-TV, Glendale News-Press


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