Rottweiler Saves 4-Year-Old Boy in Pit Bull Attack


Two unrelated pit bull attacks occurred in the city of Nashua, NH, on the same day.

On Thursday, May 19, four-year-old John Heinemann of Nashua was attacked by a pit bull at about 5:30 p.m. near his home, according to a report by Patrick Meighan of the Nashua Telegraph. But little John had a Guardian Angel in the form of Frankee, the family's friendly Rottweiler, who was being walked by John's brother, Cody. According to the report, Cody and Frankee live across town and were just visiting.

When the leashed pit bull latched onto John’s arm, the owner could not get it to release its grip, so Cody told Frankee, “Get him!” Frankee lunged forward and bit the pit bull in the ribs and Cody kicked and hit him as John was being drug to the ground. 

The pit bull let go, but the little boy is in the hospital recovering from surgery for “serious injuries” and loss of flesh on his arm according to a family member, reports the Telegraph.

Frankee is called a "hero" and is being showered with attention and brought steaks by neighbors. His owner states that, at home the 11-month-old Frankee is bullied by the cat.

In an unrelated attack the same day in Nashua, a pit bull mauled a 13-year-old boy who was visiting in an apartment. The youth suffered serious injuries to his face and arm. “They were bad,” according to the Nashua police officer quoted by the Telegraph.


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